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Lets take a tour, highlighting some of the top

California neighborhoods and people!


Our Audience:

Our audience will be geared to that specific community, lifestyles of the community members and people living in or looking to live in the featured area. Covering topics and information someone might be looking for in order to view the lifestyles of the people that currently live there.

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Who We Are:

- Kevin Oliver, one of the top Real Estate brokers and Investors in California will be your tour guide with his charming personality and pointed opinions in each episode. He will be your sole guide as he navigates each neighborhood with you, with style and pizzazz.

- April McGill, with 15+ years experience in the industry, she is one of the premiere photographers in Kern County. She will be producing the show and making sure everything is just perfect.

- Richard Forrester, known as a versicle and accomplished media marketing expert with successful past projects. He will be directing the camera and editor of the show.


-Full Sponsor:

Sponsor Mention: Get mentioned on in our credits once on one of our monthly episodes.
- $500 a month for 2022
- Unlimited slots available for this sponsorship.

-Show Sponsor:

Media Slot: 5 second commercial ad included at the end of the episode.  Full sponsor included.
- $2500 a month for 2022
- Only 10 slots available for this sponsorship.

-Main Sponsor:

Commercial Slot: 30 second commercial created for your business. Episode is boosted to our viewers. Full and Show sponsor included.
- $5,000 a month for 2022
- Only 5 slots available for this sponsorship.

-Partner Sponsor:

Sponsor Every Episode: All episodes will have a "Brought to you by" at the beginning and mentioned by the hosts. Full, Show and Main sponsor included.
- $10,000 a month for 2022
- Only 1 slot available for this sponsorship.

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